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But, instead organizations are essentially admitting they are accepting lower levels of security and higher risk," Bocek told Search Security."Many businesses don't know if they eradicated all vulnerable SHA-1 certificates."It may even go a step further with proactive account cracking and notifications to users that they need to make better passwords both on their site and everywhere else," Miessler said."At this point the password weakness and sharing problem is a major internet security problem." Amichai Shulman, CTO at Imperva, disagreed with the other experts and told Search Security that forcing password resets could become onerous."Additionally, most users don't know what a digest algorithm is and why it should be used for password protection." Miessler said transparency doesn't help if password security isn't a priority for an organization. Any site capable of finding out and communicating their protection strategy is also capable of using strong algorithms," he said.

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Stephen Coty, chief security evangelist at Alert Logic, said enterprises shouldn't only focus on whether its own domain is found in the breach.

"This is a very good chance for companies to force a password reset," Coty told Search Security.

"You can download the data dump and match the company's email address domains, but then you might miss users who used their personal email and all using the same password." Daniel Miessler, director of advisory services at IOActive, said users should be reminded of password security with all online accounts.

"However, we have noticed that the stronger the password requirements are, the better users get at evading controls.

The password is the worst form of authentication ever used." Learn more about retiring obsolete SHA-1 and RC4 cryptographic algorithms.

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