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Make sure to set 'Content-Type' and 'Accept' headers to 'application/XML' to identify the request and response formats.

Sometimes I’ll find myself being tailed down the sidewalk until I duck into a fancy building and flash a smile at the doorman. Inside, a hundred men and women, five-foot-ten to seven-foot-two, sat around tables. Half of the audience turned at the disruption, straining their specially ordered formalwear, before nodding and returning their eyes to the stage, a set of cheap two-foot platforms on a beige rug, in front of a puce wall divider on tracks.The Easy Insight REST API is a simple REST API for publishing data into Easy Insight. You can either use your Easy Insight username and password or API key and secret key (recommended for security).The specifics will depend on your programming language, but as a general rule, you'll be making HTTP POSTs of XML to the URLs listed below.If the data source already exists, returns a unique key you can use to pass data into the data source.Valid data Type attributes are grouping, measure, date, tags, latitude, longitude, and postal.

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