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We have been joined on guitar by Maciej Meller who has approached Piotr's guitar parts with huge respect, retaining the atmosphere and character of our music.

We hope that the two-hour evenings with Riverside music will make all of us feel that we are taking part in an important event and this year will be remembered as the good one. R *** Riverside - Towards The Blue Horizon 2017 - Autumn Edition (special guest: Lion Shepherd) 20.09.

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On October 5th 2017 in Rzeszów we finished the "Towards the Blue Horizon" tour. A big thanks to all of you who have joined us in experiencing all the most important emotions. We will perform the final 13 concerts in the places we haven't yet visited this year.

Thanks to your support and involvement, we know that we have someone to go on playing for. After the holiday break and a few summer festivals, we will go back to playing in clubs.

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    Monahan also recorded a duet with Martina Mc Bride, singing Train's song "Marry Me".